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12/31/2009 2:26:20 PM

maybe this will help, other wise i am tapped.....

just a thought.....

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12/31/2009 2:52:25 PM

Check out SOMX Has fallen over 70%. Waiting for Jan 20 for meeting with FDA to approve new medication. When it finally gets approval this stock will skyrocket like DNDN did a few months ago.

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12/31/2009 2:59:51 PM

ACAD has had the volume double the next day on at least two occasions since October 14th. How do you know where to start? What leads you to feel it will return to the oct 14th levels any time soon? Not challenging just trying to learn.

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12/31/2009 3:06:30 PM

Do your own research but as for me after studying 100's of historical data, it is running at about 90% so if you assume it will come back, it doesn't matter how far down you buy. You either make more or less. That's where the basket comes into play and your downside is your small investment in each. I think a basket of 15-20 is ideal.

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12/31/2009 3:13:01 PM

I own SOMX

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12/31/2009 3:29:41 PM


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12/31/2009 6:16:21 PM

mesayah, you might consider trying this filter once or a few times during the morning, say around 10AM or so through mid day, during active trading hours. It will find stocks that are breaking out after having declined to some degree (at least 20%) over the preceding few weeks. If you look at the filter results, offsetting the results one day at a time, you'll see that if finds a lot of breakouts.

The SF data are 15 to 20 min delayed, so it's not as good as real time but better than nothing. It will find breakouts as they're happening and allow you to determine whether you want to get in on the move or not. You can adjust filter criteria to suit your tastes.

close > 0.5
Set{c1, Count(close more than 20% below close 4 weeks ago, 1}
Set{c2, Count(close more than 20% below close 6 weeks ago, 1)}
Set{c3, Count(close more than 20% below close 8 weeks ago, 1)}
set{ S1, c1 + c2}
set{S2, S1 + c3}
S2 > 0.5

/* lower the percentage to 2% in early am scanning, raise it later in the day*/
price > 8% above open

/* You can include the following line later in the day, but don't use it early in the day*/
/*volume > average volume(20) 1 day ago*/

average volume(30) > 200000

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