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10/7/2005 2:59:48 PM

Is there a way to write a filter that looks for head and shoulders patterns as described in William O'Neil's book "How to make money shorting stocks."
O'Neil states that stocks should be shorted after the price passes through the neck-line of the head and shoulders pattern and also through the 50 day moving average. I am new to this site so any help would be appreciated.

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10/31/2005 6:27:02 PM

Was there ever an answer to this? Does this pattern filter exist? I would like to use the Head and Shoulders filter as well. Thanks

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11/1/2005 11:12:24 PM

PKM22 & cvamichael -

Try this:

Fetcher[show stocks where MA(20)is approaching MA(50)from below and MA(20)has been increasing for the past 10 days and draw MA(13)and offset 1 days and draw bollinger band(20,2.0)draw IFT(5,9)and average volume(90)is above 100000]

Always remember, MA'S can appear as holograms if you L@@K at them long enough. Hope it's helpful.


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12/4/2005 2:27:33 AM

head and shoulders are simply pivots 9 times higher in time.

So for a H and S on a 5 min chart look to the 45 min chart to see if their is a pivot there. If so consider likey diection based on the 45 min chart to support the H and S and its typical or expected resolution.


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