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6/20/2008 4:25:29 PM


Top Stories
- Dow Tumbles Below 11,900 as Sell-Off Accelerates- AP

- Stocks tumbled Friday on escalating worries about the financial sector and rebounding oil prices.

This is the headline in the last hour of trading today (Friday) at Yahoo Finance. Big, bold and the most dominate headline of the day

Since I haven't started many threads here at SF, thought I may throw this out for comments.

How do you look at news when it comes to your trading? What is this headline really telling us?

Do you cling to every word spoken at CNBC? You know they call it headline news for a reason, right?

Do you see anything special setting up in the markets right now?

A recent example of pain and pleasure has been felt since May 20th. Have you been mostly in cash since then salivating for the turn, or will this be the headline finally causes enough emotional grief for you to let go of your positions 5 weeks to late?

What were the headlines the week before May 20th? What were you feeling then?

Anyway, just though this may stir up some interesting conversation!


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6/20/2008 6:19:19 PM

Headlines catch the subprime issue 6 months after it began

Headlines now are hiting the consumer credit markets...again 6 months late.

Regional banks making headlines...6 months late.

Headlines tend to shove the retail folks into the selling while the shares get gobbled up by the big players.

Very macro view on a deep topic, but that is what I have seen for the 22 adult years I have under my belt.

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6/20/2008 7:16:30 PM

I, for the most part, ignore the it relates to trading or otherwise.

Wait...I listen to NPR. But the thing to remember about news is that it just tells you what happened, not what to do.

Consumer credit has not just been a looming problem for the past six's been a problem for the past decade at the very least. We live in a society that is driven by consumption and, able or not, people are going to consume. For years now I've wondered when the day of reckoning would come as a result of this behavior. Unfortunately, it won't come...not as a "day" anyway. I'm afraid it will just result in a protracted draining of quality of life as people scratch their heads and wonder how this could've happened.

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6/21/2008 6:46:18 AM

I should have said consumer credit default rate increasing trend. I agree, a nation built on dependency and overextension of credit is built on wobbly legs. Although resilient as we are, it is a death spiral long term.

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6/23/2008 12:22:57 AM

Ok, I guess I was after something when I started this post...

The markets are made of people. And more specifically the market moves are about the FEAR and GREED of those people.

Personally, I care much less what the Articles and Commentary are about. What I do care about is how people may RESPOND to them. This is reality in the markets.

Working the broad markets, I'm turning green when things nasty and red. I'm turning red when things get glorious and green.

Fridays nasty headline was reflected in the big red gap down candle heading right into support of the March lows. Says a lot to me... I feel a little Bullish Bias coming on and will continue to watch for even more nasty news. But however the market moves this week I'm ready to ACT...

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6/23/2008 12:05:47 PM

A wanted to add this:

Sentiment Is the Driving Force Behind All Major Price Moves.

A stock’s sentiment is the collective measure of the traders and investors who have positions or are considering entering positions in the stock.

But sentiment is not simply the current mood of traders and investors. Sentiment is the prevailing expectations of the market for the future prospects of the stock. In other words, sentiment represents bullish or bearish feelings for the future prospects of a stock.

This means the current movements of a stock’s price are dictated by what the market expects will happen in the future, not what has already taken place!

Anticipate!!! Fear and greed in the headlines are an great indicator for this. Haven't you heard “the market is always looking forward.” This is not just a saying.

When things are RED, you need to be anticipating, setting up for and salivating for the markets to turn to GREEN. When things are Green, you need to be anticipating, setting up and salivating for the markets for the turn RED.

I rode the broad markets with my trades from the March lows to the May highs. I sold 6 positions without a blink on May 20th when the broad markets trend line broke, and bought the DXD (double inverse/short) ETF the very next day. And I sold it into the close this Friday. I pocketed my gains and now anticipating a transition with a basket of stocks hand picked for their RS during the last month. While watching the market swing down, I was scanning and watching for strength. Capitalizing on the move down with the DXD (nice and simple), but anticipating the next swing.

If you've been holding losses through this swing-down, then you are in pain, thus relating to the fear in the headlines. Your focus may be when to get out, while others are setting-up to get in with no fear. This is a big reason WHY traders miss great opportunities, holding to long. This is a mental game that must be mastered.

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6/23/2008 3:49:42 PM

I love your posts, lots of stuff to think about. You nailed it getting out on may 20. I was buying stocks after that, thinking it was just a cosolidation pattern. I also sell at the low. Should be obvious but it's not. So reading your view really helps. Thanks for sharing.

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6/24/2008 1:06:41 PM

Consumer Confidence Tumbles to 16-Year Low
- Reuters

Consumer confidence fell in June to its lowest in 16 years as high inflation continued to sap confidence and pushed expectations for the future to a record low, the Conference Board said on Tuesday.

Now isn't that just a yummy big bold headline....

Anybody notice the DIA (DOW ETF) touched major support at the March lows this morning. Will the markets hold or break with more fear in the news?

This evening and the next few days are a KEY moment in the world of trendsurfing!

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6/24/2008 1:52:24 PM

But on the other hand.........DIA is a 2 year Head and Shoulders

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6/24/2008 2:04:09 PM

The market is a game of opposites,engineered from within,to take money out of the hands of the people from without.It feeds off the emotions of greed and fear.Most people buy high(greed) and sell low(fear),which explains why they can't make money in the markets........

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