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8/7/2012 9:08:30 AM

W/ my limited knowledge of SF coding, I am having difficulty figuring out how to create an indicator that returns a set of values, ie overbought returns a 1, neutral returns a 0, oversold returns a -1. I have 5 indicators and I'm aiming to amalgamate the 5 into one score, which would read -5 if all 5 indicators were oversold and 5 if all were overbought. For instance:

If Indicator_1 is greater than .8, value return should be 1.
If Indicator_1 is less than .2, value returned should be -1.
If Indicator_1 is .8>.2, value returned should be 0.

Final_Indicator is the sum of values returned for Indicator_1, Indicator_2, ... Indicator_5.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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8/8/2012 7:37:37 AM

You may try this method and modify the indicators to suit your purpose.

set{cnt1,count(Indicator_1 > .8,1)}
set{cnt2,count(Indicator_1 < .2,1)}
set{Ind1total,cnt1 - cnt2}

set{cnt3,count(Indicator_2 > .8,1)}
set{cnt4,count(Indicator_2 < .2,1)}
set{Ind2total,cnt3 - cnt4}

set{cnt5,count(Indicator_3 > .8,1)}
set{cnt6,count(Indicator_3 < .2,1)}
set{Ind3total,cnt5 - cnt6}

set{cnt7,count(Indicator_4 > .8,1)}
set{cnt8,count(Indicator_4 < .2,1)}
set{Ind4total,cnt7 - cnt8}

set{cnt9,count(Indicator_5 > .8,1)}
set{cnt10,count(Indicator_5 < .2,1)}
set{Ind5total,cnt9 - cnt10}

set{sum1,Ind1total + Ind2total}
set{sum2,Ind3total + Ind4total}
set{sum3,Ind5total + sum2}
set{Final_Indicator,sum1 + sum3}

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