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8/12/2008 7:47:11 AM

I want to cakcukate safe stop loss by the following steps and need help how to use SF language:

find out the days in them the price is blow ma(22) within the last 15 days.

sum up, ob those days, in every day the difference between the ma(22) and the low of this day.
now to divide the sum by the number of the days that were found.
multiply the last result by 2 or 3.
Now:deduct the result from yesterday close.

Please help me if you can.

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8/16/2008 5:24:23 PM

To get you started ...

/* Basic Criteria */
and not otcbb
and avgvol(100) > 543210
and close > 0.5
and chart-length is 45
and date offset 0

/* Safe Stop Loss per Meirkl */

and draw ma(22)
and close < ma(22)

and set{days_below_ma22,count( close < ma(22), 15)}
and add column days_below_ma22
and draw days_below_ma22

and set{ma22_minus_low, ma(22) - low}
and add column ma22_minus_low
and draw ma22_minus_low

and set{sum_ma22_minus_low, sum(ma22_minus_low, days_below_ma22)}
and add column sum_ma22_minus_low
and draw sum_ma22_minus_low

and set{div_ma22_minus_low, ma22_minus_low / days_below_ma22 }
and add column div_ma22_minus_low
and draw div_ma22_minus_low

and set{mult_div_ma22_minus_low, div_ma22_minus_low * 2.5}
and add column mult_div_ma22_minus_low
and draw mult_div_ma22_minus_low

and set{meirkl_safe_stop_loss, close - mult_div_ma22_minus_low}
and add column meirkl_safe_stop_loss
and draw meirkl_safe_stop_loss on plot price

I left the columns and drawings so you could check each step of the filter

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8/17/2008 12:39:06 PM

I'll check it.

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