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2/2/2014 8:37:36 PM

Still trying to figure this system out in my spare time, im anxious to get it running. Right now im toying with a few filters, then running to Stockcharts to view them in a proper chart, which i know is unnecessary.

Im guessing besides all of my criteria and filter code, i can also dictate what i want the chart to look like, correct? Or do i do this somewhere else in settings somewhere?

I would like to see every chart with the following:
6mo chart
MA(20), MA(50), MA(200)
Bollinger Band overlay
Macd 6,13,5

If possible, can i also mimic the "price labels" function on Stockcharts? Such as a price bubble on new highs or lows. I use them to identify R/S easier, or is there another snippet to mark those within SF charts?

Thank you, hoping someone can help me get my charts set up.

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2/2/2014 11:35:14 PM

1. "If possible, can i also mimic the "price labels" function on Stockcharts?" Maybe someone can help with this request

2. Here you go for your chart defaults...

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2/2/2014 11:35:25 PM


Show stocks with chart-time is 6 months
and draw upper bollinger band(20,2)
draw MA(20)
draw MA(50)
draw MA(200)
and draw macd fast line(6,13,5)
draw rsi(10)


Not sure if SF supports price labels- maybe some of the older code builders might know
Four above post is better if you want this on every one of your filters.

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2/5/2014 8:52:37 AM

Or just add these to your global filter set and they will autmatically be added to any filter where that box is checked.

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