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11/23/2004 11:48:22 PM

set{A,abs(5 day slope Stochastic(15,3)%K)}
set{C,abs(Historical Volatility(20,7))}
set{s, A*r}
add column Ratio
ratio between 1 and 2

That should get you in the ball park.

StockFetcher has some limitations... you ran into them...


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11/26/2004 7:25:16 PM

I also have encountered erratic operation on the slope command. In some cases I`ve had to revert to a thousandth decimal place to fine tune results. It seems the slope command sometimes works differently, depending on the measurement you use it with. Also I`ve noticed that the scaling of a particular chart can effect the slope commands results. IE: if your analyzing the slope of a 10 day close, and different stock charts have different price scales, like every half inch is 50 cents, and the next chart shows every half inch is ten cents, it seems to effect the slope commands accuracy.

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11/28/2004 7:48:12 PM

Somewhere I read that a slope value of 1 indicates the value DOUBLED over the time period the slope is being taken over. (I think -1 would mean the value halved.) This would cause the slope to behave seemingly erraticly. For example, a 2 day slope will be much more sensitive than a 20 day slope. Also, a 2 day slope of 1 would be far less likely than even a 5 day slope...



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12/5/2004 7:50:16 AM

Thanks RumpleOne for the help.
I am just starting to understand the differences with the corrections you made. Sorry I haven't replied sooner. Holidays. I've tryed to incorperate RSI(2) and it seems no matter how I put it in I recieve a syntax error on the filter. Any ideas?

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12/5/2004 7:57:29 AM

This helped me to understand the slope command.
Look in the right hand column for "Slope of" then click on "learn more about slope"
Hope this is a help.

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