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9/9/2004 11:51:54 PM

Can anyone help me make this statement viable for positive stock retrieval. "Show stocks when Aroon Oscillator(8) touched -92 after the third time between 4 to 6 days"

I tried this and it shows syntax error(s). Can someone help me write this properly to make this thing work. It seems you get very good results when this Aroon Oscillator(8) hits the -92 after the third time within a short amount of days.



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9/10/2004 3:16:15 PM


Yes, I agree, stocks tend to oscillate before they break out. Hey, this is pretty good! The results are promising, too! Look, what I've written for you...

/*TO BUY*/

set{cross,count(Aroon Oscillator(8) crossed below -87,6)}
and cross is above 2
and draw Aroon Oscillator(8)

and close is between 1 and 251
and volume 30 day low is greater than 50000

Feel free to tweak the numbers.

For example, in line 4, instead of "-92", after a bit of experimentation I wrote "-87", so that this filter would yield for you a larger number of stocks.

I hope this helps.


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9/11/2004 1:29:21 AM

Thanks RobDavis, for helping me write this one. It's nice to know that people like yourself, xplorer and others always come to the aid of a Stockfetcher member when in need. I'm learning, and maybe someday I can help someone else out like you just did for me.

I will now look this one over real good and see if I can add a little bit more to this flavor.

Thanks again, and goodluck to you.


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