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12/16/2004 6:29:50 PM

If I execute the following command line by itself it seems to only produce stocks below 2 dollars a share. If I add any kind of other command line, such as a average volume command or a price range command then it comes back with no matches at all.

The stocks it matches above a dollar a share are fascinating, because they have been hammered into the dirt, but some of them recently have had a volume/price spike. You need to look at their chart at a 1 year interval. Is it me or my computer, or does anybody else get strange results with this command?.

Fetcher[Show stocks where the slope of close is < -1 for the last 200 days]

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12/17/2004 12:20:42 AM

That slope is very extreme and the only stocks that match are penny stocks due to the extreme slope. Try a little less slope.

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12/17/2004 1:53:25 PM


Do you mean "200 day slope of close < -1", which is MUCH different than "slope of close < -1 for the last 200 days". The first takes the slope over 200 days, where the second checks the slope on EACH of the past 200 days.



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12/17/2004 5:28:39 PM

Yea, I kind of figured the reason for the results was how extreme the equation was. Pretty wild that there actually stocks that fit the criteria. I saw one match that had went from about 55 dollars a share back in March to a dollar a share at present. Now thats going belly up!. I`ll have to change the value to +1 and see if any stocks climbed at that rate.

But the main thing I was pointing out was that if you add any other type of command line, all matches seem to disapear, even just a days offset command, or a command to set a price window. I was just wondering if it did that when somebody else tried to add something to it..

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12/17/2004 5:33:31 PM

I meant for the slope to be under -1 for the 200 day period. I was looking for stocks that have been in a long term price decline, then watch them for a possible reversal upon some positive news. I just happen to plug in -1 as a lark, to see if there were actually results.

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12/18/2004 3:21:37 PM

I added:
"and add column close 30 days ago"

It doesn't work.
Any idea why?

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12/18/2004 5:06:33 PM

Nevermind ....
The reverse works ...
"where 200 day slope of close is < -1 "
and add column close 30 days ago


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12/19/2004 6:15:13 PM

If I edit the wording differently, then I can add other lines. But, the way I originally had it worded, you could not add any other type of command without all matches disappearing. I don`t know why. I just thought it was interesting to note.

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12/22/2004 3:30:52 AM

Interesting. I always thought of the slope of close as ie: .07 means 7 percent and .2 means 20% etc.. . Didnt think SF would return < 1 but I saw one that was 1.22. Thought only stocks I bought could decline 122%

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