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4/30/2010 10:32:39 PM

You can only say stuff like this pattern is looking good..... or this company had good earnings.... you just cant lie about what you are saying.. you cant say i know an insider who knows they have been cooking the books at company XYZ, when it is not true.

Then just put some crap down like this is not investment advise or advise to buy and sell at any time.....

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4/30/2010 11:01:03 PM

I see. I learned so much. 1 more question. Can you actually sell stock picks if not licensed?

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4/30/2010 11:35:07 PM

Isn't the internet great, mesayah? Anyone can claim to be anything. If you want to discuss stock promotion sometime, just swing by my estate in Memphis. I bought it in cash from a dead musician's family. The chump is still buried in my backyard in his blue suede shoes, so I'm trying to train my dogs not to piss on his headstone. The holy grail scan from mary4money really paid off!

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5/1/2010 12:05:34 AM

I would consult an attorney..... I do not claim to be one.......

As long as you are only saying what is true and tell people this is what I am trading I think you are safe.

You just cant say I recommend you buy this, you need some piece of paper to do that...... that's how most of the news letters I get read anyway...

This in no way constitutes legal advice..... many things are crimes in this world... you must obey the law.

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