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1/24/2007 12:02:24 PM

I found this scan or filter on a stock charting site, looked pretty interesting
but I am a duh when it comes to writing filters. Here is the exact filter:
[ type = stock] and [country = us]
and [daily ema(60,daily volume) > 150000]
and [daily high < yesterday's daily high]
and [yesterdays daily high < 2 days ago daily high]
and [sma(10, close) > ema(30 close)]
and [daily close > daily ema(30, daily close)]
and [daily close < daily sma(10, daily close)]
and [ daily close > daily sma(200, daily close)]
and [weekly sma(10, weekly close) > ema(30, weekly close)]
and [adx line(10) > 20.0]
Can this be written in stockfetcher ?

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1/24/2007 12:44:11 PM

Lizzydog...this is a pretty elementary filter which you could easily write after reviewing the stockfetcher user guide. Just click on the "Download the StockFetcher User Guide" link in the top right corner of your screen.

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1/24/2007 7:22:46 PM

cema( volume , 60 ) above 150000
high below high 1 day ago
high 1 day ago below high 2 days ago
ma(10) above ema(30)
close above ema(30)
close below ma(10)
close above ma(200)
weekly ma(10) above weekly ema(30)
adx(10) above 20

Have to help out the newbies.

It can be frustrating the first few days, weeks.

Not to mention months, years...LOL!!

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1/24/2007 7:27:10 PM

TRO------ Thank you very much


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