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10/15/2010 12:20:31 AM

Just read about the SF inertia filter (page 61 in the User Guide). Not much write-up on that page.

From another source I researched, it says when the Inertia indicator is above 50, positive inertia is indicated, and the long-term trend (of a stock) is up and should remain up as long as the indicator stays above. Vice versa for below 50.

So I wrote a SF script to test it. I used the Intertia parameters (14,10,20) as shown in the example on page 61 of the SF User Guide. I used a simple Symlist, not a scan of stocks.

From end-of-day data on 10-14-2010, for example, it shows that VTI would have fired a 'sell' on 10-13-2010. That's because Intertia went from 50.01 on 10-12-2010 to 48.25 on 10-13-2010. That may prove to be correct.

But if you do a Chart view of the 6 stocks, you'll see the 14,10,10 parameters (overall) don't seem to work well. Too fast, or too slow. Maybe I didn't code properly on days back. ???

In the script, I added columns to not only show today's Inertia, but also 1-5, and 10 days back, along with 1-2 mos. back.

Since Intertia is a new topic to me, I was wondering if anybody here who uses or has experimented with the settings of Inertia, please step forward and share your thoughts.

add column separator
add column inertia(14,10,20)
add column inertia(14,10,20) 1 day ago {inertia 1 day ago}
add column inertia(14,10,20) 2 days ago {iner 2 d}
add column inertia(14,10,20) 3 days ago {iner 3 d}
add column inertia(14,10,20) 4 days ago {iner 4 d}
add column inertia(14,10,20) 5 days ago {iner 5 d}
add column inertia(14,10,20) 10 days ago {iner 10 d}
add column inertia(14,10,20) 1 month ago {iner 1 mo.}
add column inertia(14,10,20) 2 months ago {iner 2 mos.}
draw inertia (14,10,20)
draw inertia(14,10,20) line at 50
sort column 1 descending

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10/15/2010 5:18:40 PM

Still looking for any comments on the SF 'Inertia' indicator?


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