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8/6/2007 12:05:49 AM

This is primarily geared towards both the compulsive posters whose thread is continually besieged by hordes of critics, stalkers and other undesirables, and the casual lurkers alike who can't quite make up their minds about joining StockFetcher but equally feel the need to reach out to the rest of the StockFetcher community.

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8/6/2007 2:31:52 PM

Thanks Niko.
Today was awesome!
Hey everybody! Join us tomorrow!

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8/8/2007 9:43:33 AM

everybody slept in this morning!
too bad!!
you're missing some HOT action!

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8/9/2007 4:03:48 PM

I initially thought having a chat room would be a great addition to sharing fresh ideas in real time. But the reception (or the lack thereof) seems to be almost nonexistent and I'm sorry to let this one go.

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8/9/2007 11:48:18 PM


I just don't get it either.
Folks have been clammering for a IM/Chat type thing on the forums for years,now it's here and there's like 3 folks in there during the day??

Also alot want to see realtime trades,well I was in there putting up my trades.
You and Karen saw them as I called them out,no fake bs there ,I called them out as they were happening.
Anyway thanks for the few days fun,you tried!

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8/9/2007 11:57:35 PM

YAWN !!!

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8/10/2007 8:37:21 AM

13th and Niko:
I put in my 2 cents in too. LOL!
However, when you mentioned Muddy's room, I went there, and there were a TON of people in his room. TRO also has a room on Paltalk.
What's amazing is how many OTHER stocks other traders see, that don't even come up on my radar.
It was a very valuable experience.
The other thing is, 13th ..
you & I do the same thing; if we've made our money by noon, we leave for the day. The people in Muddy's room seem to be there all day.
Anyway, Niko, thanks for opening the chat. It was great fun, and a good learning experience.
BTW ... that experience made me realize I DO need multiple computers and more trading software.
A few years back, I got this brochure for some software which was completely color coded. It had red and green cylinders to let you know when volume was increasing. I can't remember the name of the company, but I never got the software because it was $5,000. I'd love to get a cheap version of that feature.

Niko: I just finished watching that video you posted, which was excellent, btw. Another reason Y there may have been just a couple of us in your chatroom ...
there are so many other chatrooms, plus I notice, most people seem to have a bias to the long side .. even when the market is declining.

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8/10/2007 11:02:29 AM

I dunno what you mean by "cylinders", but I believe this can be achieved using QuoteTracker, which is FREE for Ameritrade clients and $60/yr otherwise (you can also use it for free but must endure the ordeal of seeing endless ad banners). You just need to write a few codes to achieve this but, overall, it's fairly easy to set it up. Let me know if you need more help.

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8/10/2007 12:59:49 PM

Karen,I have been using a Matrox video card and 2 flat panels for a log time,works well.Also was playing around at the Apple Store with a 30" monitor and was able to get 6 - 8 seperate windows on that screen at one time,nice,but Mac won't run windows software.Also have seen a FireFox add on ap.(At Mozilla) that splits your screen in two open windows,but have not tryed it yet.You probably don't need two computers maybe just some mail-order parts.P.S.put short HANS on that big gap thinking it was too much.Pete.

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8/12/2007 8:20:20 PM

went to the room on friday, no one there, I was off work and was really looking forward too it, maybe in the future?

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