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12/21/2008 2:10:40 PM

Here on the StockFetcher Forums some of our members have tremendous experience trading during the day. Some here have learned a lot that, hopefully, they will want to share these with their fellow millionaire wanabees.

I'm requesting that if someone here has learned that certain combinations of bars/candlesticks, maybe along with volume considerations, usually preceed an upward or downward movement in a stock, they might share it with others.

Please feel free to jump right in. Thanks.


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12/21/2008 2:57:24 PM

I trade pretty much intra-day only. BUT....a glance at some indicators before hand can increase probabilities in your trades. For example...if one of your traders is at an excessve RSI or CCI and maybe a stochastic is crossing/bollinger pierced with a doji etc, you may have a little more conviction when your signals come.

I guess my point being, if the dailies show severely overbought and an intra-day key support is breached, you may have an opportunity to capitalize on the move through scaling or adjusting your r/r for that trade. Sometimes a 5 minute move will play out into an extended 30 minute move etc if you have convictions at the pullback/retrace areas and the technicals support the move.

SSO/QLD (long or short), AMGN, AAPL, RIMM, GE etc.

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12/21/2008 7:20:06 PM

I know this is "outside the box",it certainly is not for everyone,in fact few can probably handle it.
But if 1 person out of 100 here can benefit some...then great.
All the price bar,volume,indicator,ma crosses etc. have been done over and over,its played.
So to the few that might want to look at daytrading in a new light,i offer this...

Like I said,if it opens just one persons eyes to something new,than cool
What I learned changed my stocktrading life forever,it can never be taken away,that's a good feeling

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12/22/2008 11:08:36 AM

Hi 13th,I read the combo scan.Is there a clickable version on here? How exactly do you trade it? Where are your entrys,exits? Are you using1,3,5,min charts? Also,what do you trade or scan for overnight night holds,sell on open,gap type of trades? Thanks,very appreciated,Mike....

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12/22/2008 4:25:58 PM

Hi 13th. Thanks for your input. It's great.

What setup(s) do you use to enter into one of the stocks selected? For example, you have identified a list of stocks with a high potential for popping. Yet, as you know, at anytime they can still go either way. When do you decide to enter short or long?

Thanks .. you have given a lot to us and we appreciate it.


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