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5/7/2004 3:34:06 AM


Yes, I'm looking for the kind of spikes NQL and TI, this combined with
OBV Parabolic SAR's and pending quarterly reports and other fundamentals
can help one make a choice weather to buy or not.


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5/7/2004 3:48:13 PM


I think you can learn to program these filters. SF has a fairly easy language to learn. The hardest part typically is defining exactly what you are looking for. I think the biggest mistake is writing filters without fist defining your strategy. With that said there is value in experimentation with filters to get a feel for how a particular indicator behaves. Just my $.02.

Here is a filter that I think better fits what you are looking for. This should yield stocks that have had an unusual volume spike but who's price has not changed drastically in the last few days. The price move is a little loose in this filter with the focus on the volume.

I typically don't like to use the "set" command because I feel it reduces the readability but this seems to be the quickest route to solve the problem. If you get the urge you might play with OBV to try and detect these moves without resorting to set commands. I added the OBV indicator to the chart so you can get a feel for how it behaves in relation to this filter. Another indicator that maybe useful is EMV due to it's volume and price relationship.

set{ volumeSample1, volume 5 day high}
set{ volumeSample2, volume 5 day high 6 days ago}
set{ volumeDelta, volumeSample1 - volumeSample2}
set {volumeDelta1, volumeDelta 5 days ago}

volumeDelta is more than 800% above volumeSample2
AND volumeDelta above volumeDelta1
AND volumeDelta above 900000
AND volumeDelta1 below 0

AND day range has been below 5% for 5 days
AND CMA(MACD Fast Line(12,26), 5) is below 0.1
AND CMA(MACD Fast Line(12,26), 5) is above -0.1
AND close-to-open gap has been 0 for last 5 days

AND draw OBV

Good luck with your insider detection :)

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