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9/17/2007 7:13:22 PM

On 7/16/2007 'danglin" posted his method to use the e-tables service from IBD. In essence he was filtering IBD's filters. If you are interested in IBD services check out the posting.

I have used e-tables to screen for the worse stocks and make a watch lists with them. I basically have reversed the terms of my bullish filters and applied it to what I call my "clunker" watch list.

These past two days these are shorts have bought puts on: CP,AZO, and EFA.

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9/17/2007 8:42:02 PM

Now that this top 100 list is here,is anyone on here making any $ with it??? What time frame works best??? Very interested.......

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9/18/2007 10:46:28 AM

I'm primarily interested in downloading the IBD200. What is the most cost effective way of doing this? Thx...good thread.

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9/29/2007 12:57:05 PM


Not sure how kosher that is seeing as how it is a subscriber-only feature. But heck, I'm not Jewish!



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9/29/2007 6:26:24 PM

I use the IBD 200 for my watchlist. Top 200 and Bottom 200 lists are in every Thursday edition of IBD, always on Pg 5 of 2nd section.

It's really tedious, but I get out my magnifying glass and manually build a new list every Thursday evening. Been doing it for a while.

If anyone else does this, maybe we could share the load and exchange lists. Here's my email address: Contact me if you're interested.

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9/29/2007 8:04:33 PM

Ahh....the IBD 200 is in the print edition. I thought I was going crazy when I kept seeing people referring to it but I couldn't find it on their website.

Hey, can one of you guys (niko maybe) show me how to insert a graphic?

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9/29/2007 9:04:13 PM

Upload your image to or and copy the HTML code and paste it here.

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