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12/29/2004 8:38:59 PM

i just signed up yesterday and did some quick searches for good filters you people shared ...

the first stock i bought from a fetch, ran from $8.05 to $9.46 today!

If we were all in a bar, a few rounds would be on me ...

thanks for such a great service, i really cant wait until i know enough to apply my own logic into SF and share some profits with you all!


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12/30/2004 6:08:13 PM

So what "fetch" did you use?

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12/30/2004 6:20:39 PM

sorry i dont know how to post it as a link, but this is the one i used ...

/*TO BUY*/
Show stocks where
volume gained more than 50 percent over the last 1 day
and average volume(90) is above 100000
and MA(3) crossed above MA(8) 1 day ago
and ADX(14) is above 20
and Linear Regression(10) slope crossed above 0 within the last day
and close is between 1 and 30
offset is 2

it turned up a list and i bought into 2 of them.

I bought IRSN - IMGN

IMGN ran from my buy point of $8.05 and it peaked at $9.48 ni afterhours.

I had a tight trailing stop that pulled me out at $8.60 so i didnt make as much as i could, but im still learning so i can accept that.

IRSN was a pig and i got stopped out with a loss, but thats ok.

One thing, i know that filter is very old, is there an updated version that may work better in finding stocks on the edge of breaking out?

thanks so much.

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12/31/2004 5:48:13 PM

Never, ever under estimate the importance of LUCK :-)

Your filter works very well!
If you'd like to reduce the need for luck, move your offset back into a BAD MARKET and then see how well it behaves in un-kind markets.

This weekend, I am using 174 days back to "challenge" my filters. 174 days back puts us right at the end of the bulll rally and the beginning days of the 2004 mini bear market.

Trader Joe

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