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8/11/2003 8:55:09 AM

caveat emptor

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8/11/2003 2:05:58 PM


This is where you need to post.

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8/13/2003 8:25:41 PM

Hey Joe

Thanks again for the 6 month high filter. But then again, Avery has a better one! As always! Gee, I wonder why he didn't post it before there Joe!?!

Probably one of those "SECRET FILTERS" Huh JOE!

For all of you newbies. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND JOES SITE. He will tell you what he does, and how he does it. With Joe, it's not a games of TOP THIS!

Just straight forward answers, no punches pulled. His style nite be abrasive to some, but you'll learn much quicker. I was a NEWBIE myself about 3 months ago, and now makin GREAT MONEY!!! What you need to learn, you can do most of it on the web!! Books are nice, but not a necessity.

And remember, trading is like gambling, you don't trade with money you MITE Lose!! If scared, paper trade, that's why it's there. Especially when your not sure!!

Like I've sed in previous posts.,, and, are all excellent sources for Tech Analysis. has a tutorial as well. Just make sure your ole lady doesn't get po'd at you for using up her phone time!

Good Tradin'


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8/14/2003 12:49:22 AM

Funny thing, our LR and RSI(2) have been posted. They will beat the Joe G. filter.

I am glad you guys found each other.


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8/14/2003 3:00:32 PM

Well, I actually use around 8 scan filters for my daily work and for my pick selection.
I assume the one you are referring to is my recently released simple filter I use to demonstrate that the scan filter is just one of many steps in the stock trading process.
I am tracking the results of this at:

Keep in mind that the filter is only a part of the trading process.
Money management is also key.
Yesterday, shortly after making my hit list with the filter public I had to cut one stock and replace it with another.
I thought it funny that this should happen right on the first day, and was delighted I could demonstrate the prinicple of cutting your losses to the bone, while letting your winners run.

A guy buying the top 5 hits and replacing those that hit the 4% stop loss, while letting his winners run on and on, all the time moving that stop loss up with the price could make an awful lot of money.
This is an extremely simple filter, an extremely simple money management situation and calls for little or no technical analysis knowledge.
You cut your losses and let your winners run.
Do not anticipate! Let the 4% stop loss do all the thinking!

Buying 5 stocks at a time also distributes risk, cutting my 4% loss on one stock yesterday down to .8% of my total portfolio!

Unlike some folks like the MM group I don't hide my winning strategies, I make them public. Anyone can stop by my website and copy the filter and use it, distribute it, give it away! Anyone can read all the messages.
I have also posted the filter here and along with it the money management needed to make the deceptively simple filter work.
Constantly crowing about the Holy Grail filter seems ludicrous to me, since it really helps no one. No single filter can do the job for you. You need to back up your trading with proper money management and discipline.

Try this simple method yourself! Paper trade it for a few months and when you see how well it works, start making oodles and oodles of money with little or no effort!
Good luck to yah and may the trend be with you!

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8/14/2003 3:06:27 PM

I should add that this filter works great for folks with a day job.
It involves none of the convoluted rules used in the MM system.
You buy the initial 5 stocks at the open and give the initial stop loss.
You can call your broker or your wife or whatever every now and then, see if any fell out and replace them. All you need to do is carry a list of replacements with you.
If you are lucky and are a full time trader like me, then you have litte or nothing to do!

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8/14/2003 7:43:45 PM

"...No single filter can do the job for you. You need to back up your trading with proper money management and discipline...."

Joe Gross..., I can't argue against that.

"Even a broken clock is right twice a day"

"If a fool speaks the truth, it is still the truth"

Go Joe go!

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8/14/2003 9:14:02 PM


JEALOUSLY RUNS R-E-A-L ............... D-E-E-P





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12/23/2010 12:03:11 PM

Where is this filter since all the links have been disabled in Koliga?

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