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9/11/2003 1:22:15 PM

Applause !

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9/11/2003 2:04:12 PM

Hear, hear...!

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9/11/2003 7:55:26 PM

"EWZuber 9/11/2003 11:45:29 AM

Nice quote, but of the useless criticizing, blaming and attacking and additude I have seen on this board, I have to say that you have generated a disproportionately large percentage. It hasn't just been between you and JoeGrossinger, you were also curt with txtrapper and now it you're making unsolicited rather testy comments to others about my posts to you. I'm right here if you have something to say about our previous conversations.
This forum is for learning, exchanging ideas & testing theories. There is no need or use for personal vendettas or posturing. All one needs to do here is state their findings in reference to the market, SF, TA or whatever. See if it flies, see if there is interest or maybe someone else has found what they suspect may be a flaw in the idea or would like to suggest a modification or whatever. That is why SF put this board here. "

EWZuber... I don't know what you are talking about... What comments to who?

If anything, in my posts here, I do believe I have agreed with what you had to say... So I am not sure where you are coming from... feel free to email me to clear this up.

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9/11/2003 8:12:21 PM

"EWZuber 9/11/2003 3:32:11 AM

Your posts sounds a bit testy. Whats with this? "Haven't you seen all the posts to me about one filter doesn't work for everybody? " If you have something to say to me then just come out and say it.

Perhaps you misunderstood me... I did reply directly to your comment... and it started with me stating that I AGREED WITH YOU!

Perhaps it is YOU who has something to say to me... BRING IT ON!

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9/12/2003 8:45:32 PM

I don't want to clutter the board with personal conflicts. If everyone has mellowed out then lets just get on with putting our collective heads together and see what we can do.
This is a good medium for this sort of work ( wish we could post charts ) and so far a lot of good ideas have been explored.
Lets put the personal stuff aside and do what we can to help each other out.
If we are truly interested in helping we expect nothing in return but it usually comes back in one form or another.

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9/12/2003 9:14:47 PM


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9/12/2003 9:40:25 PM

hmmm...... wouldnt that be a good thing?

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9/13/2003 3:51:32 PM


I agree with you, once again.

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9/15/2003 9:08:31 AM

One thing about the Muddy Method Group, we don't steal filters, change insignificant parameters and call the filters our own.

If you post something of value, you would get full credit.

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9/15/2003 6:48:14 PM

Man what a cool thread I started here. This is more fun than tweaking filters. I think I'll start a fake alias and start attacking people just for entertainment.

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