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3/31/2006 12:51:13 PM

PS, it would probably be a good idea to check the timing on the next earnings release.

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3/31/2006 7:21:33 PM

EWZ, TRO, where do you go to find information about stocks like NMKT’s EPS estimates, EPS report date, ROI and sales etc? I normally trade mid cap stocks and use Zacks and Charles Schwab for most of my trading research. I did found out NMKT did have a record year in 05. The following is a Business Wire report I found at Yahoo

Press Release Source: NewMarket Technology, Inc.
NewMarket Technology Inc. Reports Record Net Income of $2.9 Million for 2005 on 101% Increase in Revenue to $50.1 Million
Friday March 31, 11:05 am ET

2005 Earnings Per Share Increased 300% and Stockholder's Equity Increased 96% over 2004
DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 31, 2006--NewMarket Technology, Inc. (OTCBB:NMKT - News) today released its 2005 Annual Report on SEC Form 10KSB. The Company posted revenue of $50.1 million in 2005, representing an increase in revenue of 101% over 2004. After allowing for foreign currency adjustments, net income for 2005 was $2.6 million.
Financial Performance Highlights
• Revenue for 2005 increased 101% from 2004 ($50.1m v. $24.98m)
• Gross profit for 2005 increased 61% from 2004 ($18.6m v. $11.5m)
• Operating expense percentage decreased (31% of sales in 2005 v. 45% of sales in 2004)
• Net income before currency translation for 2005 increased 1,788% from 2004 ($2.97m v. $154k)
• Earnings per share-basic for 2005 was $.028 v .007 for 2004 (300% increase)
• Earning per share-diluted for 2005 was $.015 v $.004 for 2004 (275% increase)
Balance sheet:
• Cash position increased 12% over previous quarter ($3.1m v. $2.9m)
• Account Receivables decreased 25% from previous quarter ($15.1m v. $20.1m)
• Working capital increased 180% from year-end 2004 ($6.1m v. $2.2m)
• Stockholder's equity increased 96% from year-end 2004 ($32.8m v. $16.7m)
Cash Flow:
• Cash flow from operations for 2005 increased 509% from 2004 ($1.6m v $268k)
Mr. Philip Verges, Chief Executive Officer, and Mr. Philip J. Rauch, Chief Financial Officer, will conduct a conference call on Thursday, April 6, 2006, at 4:05 EDT to review the 2005 Annual Report and address pre-submitted shareholder inquiries. In the interest of maximizing the value of this conference call for all participants, please submit questions by Wednesday, April 5 to Investor Relations at The dial-in number for the April 6 conference call is 605-772-3200 with access code 784316#. For those that are not able to participate an audio recording of the conference call will be posted on the NewMarket Technology website by Wednesday, April 12, 2006.

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3/31/2006 8:19:54 PM

Ray1, Thanks for the info!
I typically get most of my fundamental information from but they often don't have anything on the microcap companies.
There's always
Yahoo may be the most consistent, I don't know.
I usually use earnings calendar but again they often don't cover the microcaps so it can be tough.
Even the companies themselves don't offer much on their own sites it's no wonder no one else does.
As a last resort, offers rudimentary EPS on their charts. It can be very helpful for a quick glance to determine basic earnings trends.
Anyone else have any favorites?

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4/1/2006 3:23:18 AM

Copy/paste the following search query into ure browser, and let me know if that's not enough:,GGLG:2005-50,GGLG:en&q=intitle%3Anmkt+otc

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4/1/2006 3:48:20 PM

Microcap SFLK showing some bullish indications. There has been a drop to purge and the resultant move higher has held TLS even through the stochastic distribution phase, which is very important.
It has moved above the 15 DMA which is now serving as support. The 25 DMA is flattening out and the 50 DMA is flat.
Weekly Chart TLR has been violated and a new accumulation phase has begun in that time frame.
Pattern support is at $0.80.
Suspect this moves higher for the next few weeks.

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4/3/2006 3:22:23 PM

NMKT up 10% today from 3/31/2006 post.

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4/4/2006 4:26:14 AM

Looks like NAPS is breaking to the upside, IMO.

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4/4/2006 5:06:25 PM

NMKT up 25% today, another good call EWZ, There should be some profit taking going on tomorrow, then I’ll buy some more shares. I still think it has more room to grow. RS still a round 84 or so, EPS should look real good in next few days. It should stay in the oversold mode for the next few days (I hope).

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4/4/2006 6:17:01 PM

Its a mover. Not much sign of profit taking yet. I suspect it will test resistance near $0.65 first.

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4/6/2006 11:31:41 AM

There goes NAPS up about +10% today.
NMKT tested resistance at $0.65 and added a few then dropped as expected.
SFLK floundering. Poor earnings report seems to be weighing on it. Sell volume low, just not enough buyers yet. Better plays elsewhere, IMO.

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