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1/27/2010 11:09:56 PM

Most of the traders on here know about filters,statistical odds,and charts.It really amazes me the time,effort,and intelligence put into it,in a search for the Holy Grail.My question is,how many really know what their own trading performance is? How many keep a detailed record of every trade,winners & losers?How many know how to exploit winning trading methods,and discard losing methods.How many know that the major difference between winning & losing in the markets is mental discipline.How many are gaining the competence to trade successfully in time? All this goes way beyond filters.Its all about knowing yourself,your capabilities and your limitations.......

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1/27/2010 11:30:46 PM

I can state with complete honesty that I have good filters and systems that I consistently ignore ... I can go back and look at almost every losing trade I made over the past year, and I made it or made it worse by not following my own systems and exit strategies with consistency.

Good topic for discussion here.

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1/28/2010 12:49:59 AM

Ill second that.... if I knew my stats I would quit trading, but I do stare at the bank account everday....I am no WSG

It looks sooooooooo easy......

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1/28/2010 5:37:57 AM

Yeah i must admit i still do not adhere to my strategy. Even after i have read countless books that say STRICTLY FOLLOW YOUR CRITERIA!!!

I think complacency is a big enemy in the markets?

What do you guys think?

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1/28/2010 10:31:05 AM

Curtis Faith who traded under legendary Richard Dennis states in his book "Way of the turtle",very few traders have what it takes to follow a system.Given the same set of instructions,drastic differences in performance.Its all about mental discipline..

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