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10/3/2010 6:46:50 PM

Can anyone point me to or has anyone developed a screen that produces stocks from the previous trading day that saw heavy volume and a run up in price during that last 20 minutes of trading.

Read an article that stated this was an indication that traders were positioning themselves for the next trading day.

I have only manually sifted through a few stocks that met this criteria and they all gaped up on the next trading day.

Looks like a good set-up. Would appreciate assistance.


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10/3/2010 10:06:14 PM

no inter day screening here..

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10/4/2010 7:52:55 AM

I dont think its worth your time, the gap thing - IL proclaims that OTCBB stocks tend to obey that rule, new high , after steady highs, i put a lot of time in tomorrows gappers, using Strategy Desk to show end of day gainers, i got stuck on after hours trading , this is where i had a problem, on a five minute chart, the last candle reads 1555, the data on that candle is for 355 to 400 pm, yet if you look at a chart the chart is incomplete, the indicators arent finished, they finish at start of next day, there is often a FLOOD of data after that last candle(355) that changes the direction of the gap, from long to short at start of next day, or vice versa. Is it after hours trading, or just the lagging indicators catching up?

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10/4/2010 7:58:49 AM

the reason i didnt pursuit after hours trading as a reason for the gap change - i read that after hours trading only and generally
means 1% of total volume, so i sort of gave up there. again there is a flood of data after 400 and before 930 am , that often will change any indicator. none could tell me where the data comes from or how to use it with an indicator.

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