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4/2/2006 10:52:43 PM

I am a new subscriber ( within the last month) and have tried but to no avail to build a filter that will do the following:

Create a filter that represents a 50 bar linear regression line/channel with a downward trend over the last 50 days with a visible slope and to identify the predominant trend over the last 50 days and then to identify the stock pattern relative to the channel (the breakout). Checking the forums and filters I can not locate a filter that would do the above.

I guess what I am hoping to do is create a filter to find stocks that are breaking out to the upside of a descending linear regression channel, that have been going down for a period of time but more recently they have reversed that trend and have broken out with increasing on balance volume for at least the last two days.

I have tried using bullish engulfing patterns as well as P & F alerts but I can't seem to catch the descending trend lines and subsequent break out to the upside.

Eddie S

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4/3/2006 2:11:41 AM

50 day slope of the close is below 0
close crossed above center linear regression line(50)

/* insert your own price volume criteria */

close above 20
volume above 1000000

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4/3/2006 2:01:21 PM

Thanks TRO.

Is there any way that a filter can be written so that as I look at my charts I see the slope trending from High on the upper or top portion of the LR channel to below the lower line of the regression channel for a number of days and then from where it is at the lowest point below the lower line then a two day obv reversal to the upside approaching the lower band of the LR channel

If my theory is correct that would give me an opportunity to find breakouts as the money boys are first starting a run. That thought however could also be full of donkey dust.

Thanks again Eddie S

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