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5/13/2004 11:38:47 AM


Any of your Linux (or MAC/Windows) users interested in working on an open source Stock Fetcher Pro written in Java so it works across all platforms?

I have several tools written that could serve as a starting point.

Stockfetcher Staff,

Would you be opposed to such an effort? If not would you be willing to host the code?

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5/13/2004 3:17:37 PM

I think at one point I tried running the current SF Pro using wine (Windows API for Linux), but it didn't go well. I don't recall what went wrong, but getting SF Pro running in wine is another possibility - that wouldn't require re-writing the whole shebang from scratch. (Although, Java would [could/should] allow SF Pro to run on other non-intel platforms, too.) I may try SF Pro on wine again, after I get past a different issue I'm having with Quicken on wine...

I'm a fairly stong supporter of wine, so I'd probably prefer that route. But, that doesn't prevent my support of SF Pro/Java.

But then again, I can't run SF Pro, so I don't know what it offers that would make either effort worth while! <g>

So, I guess my interest level is a "definate maybe"!


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5/13/2004 5:37:47 PM


Q. What's the maximum number of indicators that can be charted using SF pro? Right now, I can squeeze 11 on the flash based charts. Can SF pro draw more? (Ignorant Mac user asking).

Glad to hear a Mac solution is in the works. But please avoid JAVA. We mac users hate it.

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5/13/2004 6:15:00 PM


I generally use VMWare rather than wine. I have not tried to run SF pro in wine so can't really comment on if it works or not.

I would develop Java based SF Pro only with blessing from SF staff. My thoughts on a Java based SF pro is it would use the SF web page (similar to the way current SF pro works) to do the real work but would provide some additional functionality that is only available in the SF Pro version or not available at all yet.

Some of those features are:

- Open Source (Maybe hosted by SourceForge?)
- Download snapshot of your current filters
- Save unlimited versions of filters and have version control/history to track changes with labels
- Filter Syntax checking/highlighting
- Allow you to apply dated notes to symbols
- Allow you to apply dated notes to filters
- Allow you to store your filters in categories (ie: short, long, experimental, etc)
- Allow you to download GIF form of graph and draw on it for line studies (maybe flash version also?)
- Run automated back testing and auto stepping through time to generate filter reliability stats
- Combine filters to form buy/sell points to test more advanced trading schemes
- Drag/Drop Filter Creation/Chaining (Not to high of a priority)
- Plug-able interface to make the app extensible
- Spawn trading web page or application directly from SF Pro
- Spawn favorite charting site/app directly from SF Pro

I have several of these features already but they are all command line driven. I am not much of a GUI designer and is where I could use most of the help.

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5/13/2004 6:15:50 PM


If not Jave then what language do MAC users like?

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5/13/2004 8:15:54 PM


The reasoning for Java is for general portability. Doesn't Java run well on a Mac?? I suppose C or C++ could be used, but I believe that would be more work...


- VMWare defeats the purpose of Linux/wine - you still need to buy M$ Windows. If I wanted to spend the money (and constantly deal with security issues, and didn't mind programs crashing all the time, and...), I'd just run it as my OS. Wine does work pretty well, in general. (And it's getting better all of the time. It's in VERY active development.)

- Some of the features you list DO sound interesting. I'd most likely support development. But, I can't say at this point what kind of time commitment I might be able to make...

- I consider myself a fairly good designer of UI's (CUI & GUI). My guiding principal is "keep it simple and clean". However, I don't have a whole lot of Java under my belt... (That hasn't stopped me before! <G>)


Any comments?


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5/13/2004 8:18:48 PM

Hi yepher,

I'm not a programmer, so I really can't tell you which programming language in now in vogue with Mac software developers. I can just tell you which programs us end users hate to use. And those tend to be JAVA based. :)

I do sometimes visit this site ( and know that some of the people there do Mac programing. You might want to post this question there. (Or here:


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