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8/24/2004 12:53:33 PM

Hi All I've been playing around with different values for MACD and I want to change the input from 12 26 9 to 12 26 5 but it doesn't seem that this is possible with stockfetcher. I am somewhat slow when it comes to coding so am I missing something or is it correct that only the first two variables in the equation are capable of being varied using stockfetcher.
thanks for any assistance you can supply

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8/24/2004 4:16:48 PM

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

Parameters Period Fast EMA
Period Slow EMA2
Period Average

Usage MACD Slow Line(days for ema1, days for ema2)
MACD Fast Line(days for ema1, days for ema2)
MACD Histogram(days for ema1, days for ema2)

Description Originally developed by Gerald Appel, the MACD is a momentum oscillator employing two exponential moving averages. To create the MACD, the difference of the two moving averages is plotted as the primary plot. A secondary plot is generated which is a moving average of the initial, or primary plot. The secondary plot is slow version of the primary plot and typically buy or sell signals are generated when a crossover between these two lines occur.
A third bar chart is often displayed with the MACD which is the difference between the first two lines. This histogram provides insight into the magnitude of separation between the two lines.

Examples MACD Fast Line(12,26) crossed above the MACD Slow Line(12,26)
MACD Fast Line(12,26) crossed below the MACD Slow Line(12,26) and the MACD Histogram(12,26) has been increasing for 2 days

How's this look:

Fetcher[MACD Fast Line(12,26,5) crossed above the MACD Slow Line(12,26,5)]


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8/24/2004 4:59:39 PM

thanks Rumpled One, really appreciate that, I read that appel originally came up with two macds one to work with long positions and one for short, think the standard setting is too slow to react to market moves usefully on short term basis so I'm going to try out a few variations. Also thanks for all your interesting posts on the forum.
thanks again

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