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10/1/2003 10:52:03 AM

RE: Posting Charts

Charts with or without commentary may be posted at
Signup is free, and requires no personal info...and is only necessary if
you intend to post charts or commentary...just browsing does not require

All posted charts are public, and can be viewed by scrolling to the bottom
of the screen and clicking on the My Charts link....Charts must be less than 100k in size, I think...

Commentary with chart links may be posted under the Technical Traders Sanctuary
on the main page.

Best regards,


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10/1/2003 8:00:59 PM

I appreciate the suggestion DK.

Just a warning to all who go to the site...use anti-spyware software!!!
I don't know if this particular site runs spy-bots/spy-ware/etc. programming cookies, but MOST free sites do you think they "make money" in this industry, when we're not charged?!? THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH, think about it, no one makes the program and runs it for free out of the goodness of their hearts. I'm not saying that it won't be the perfect place for our very learned colleague EWZuber to transmit info to us, but fore-warned is fore-told, I'm telling you MOST free sites run spy-ware on your computer (EVEN WITHOUT LOGGING INTO THE SITE, JUST GOING TO THE SITE GETS YOUR DATA ON FILE).
Please use "spy-sweeper" or any other anti-spyware program you can get free on the net, then usually charge a licence fee later. It's definitely worth it, trust me, you'd be surprised how much crap gets on your computer!!!

A concerned j-the-h

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10/2/2003 12:12:50 PM

Hi EWZuber,
I use a mac, so I'm not that familiar with what free software is available for winblows. But I'm sure there something out there you could find. Worse come to worse just use a p2p client to find what you need. :)

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