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10/25/2010 4:14:52 PM

Is it just me or is anyone else holding mostly cash in their portfolios? I only hold one stock now and the rest is in cash. Looking at the charts, the DOW is due for a correction. It may open up some great trading opportunities for swing trades.

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10/25/2010 6:22:15 PM

I see an uptrend with no end in sight for the near term future.

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10/25/2010 10:26:57 PM

I'm net short 15% of my capital.

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10/25/2010 11:17:07 PM

The ADX doesn't confirm a strong uptrend for the DJIA ,RSI is 65 so there is a possibility of more upside, but the fast stochastics and MACD looks bearish. We all know that the market can change very fast, but we are also in tax loss selling season so I am betting we see a correction before christmas IMO.

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10/29/2010 5:05:39 PM

No sh^^!
Have you looked at commodities lately???
A lot of people are gonna go into SHOCK when these High Frequency Trading Computers take their money.
No one's trading the stock market except the U.S. gov't and HFT computers.
Keep gambling!

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11/13/2010 9:43:11 PM

Insider Selling Jumps to a Record as Stocks Climb to Highest in Two Years


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11/13/2010 10:06:16 PM

Is the trend broken? no. Stay with the trend until it's broken, lot's of folks missed this run because they thought they were more clever than the market, market should sell off just because it's overbought, you must stay discipline and stop listening to market Gurus.

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11/14/2010 12:44:43 AM

if you do a weekly graph agianst the Dow Jones Industrial average you will see the DJIA can go higher in the mid to long term. Short term it shows that it should fall a few hundred points before settling into a new base then begin heading upward again. Let me remind you all, we are in the early stages of recovery. Expect what is happening in the market place currently. Nothing abnormal is going on.. But, when the new IPO of General Motors stock shares begin this coming week you will see lots of market activity. Experts are saying this GM IPO looks very interesting in a positive way. According to my local newspaper there won't be enough common shares of the new GM to go around. That says to me, GM's share price should sky rocket upward. This would only say that the DJIA activitiy will be very active and positive. The paper also stated that another new IPO that will come out at the same time as GM will be Ceasars Entertainment . This upcoming week will be a very interesting week indeed.

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