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4/25/2004 6:47:37 PM

CRPPE and NWBTE. need feedbback on these 2 stocks. very important. thanks folkes.

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4/26/2004 2:39:29 AM

I'm not a genius, but here's how it looks to me anyhow;
CRPPE, A very interesting chart, IMO.
*The long term Quarterly chart stochastics have +xover at the beginning of the year. Weekly Chart stochastics are rising having recently +xover also.
*25 & 50 DMAs are flat, suitable for support.
*Recent uptrend appears to be spurred by the numbers indicating that EPS losses have been getting smaller. The recent short term drop ( from a broken bearish wedge pattern ) could be a purging. Resistance at $0.21 at a cycle high & $0.025 TL. Res.
*I would wait to see that Resistance Trendline on the hourly chart broken at about $0.055 at the open on Monday. But with this light volume it is really risky.
Close at a break of TL support on hourly chart w/ -xover of stochastics or at resistance at $0.21 or $0.25 if overbought and bouncing down w/ -xover.

NWBTE...Don't like this one. Not saying it won't go up, just don't like it. They have missed the last 2 reporting periods and it looks like this recent drop may be related. Don't see any long term bottom yet and Weekly chart stochastics are not convincing. This one trades so few shares that it could close on one 5 minute period, not trade for almost 2 hours and then the next trade is at a ( -30% ) lower price. This happened on Friday.
Might be a short term trade here on a break above TL Res. @ $0.05 on the Hourly Chart but thats over a 150% rise from here. It is oversold on this chart with buy volume moving in. Risk is very high.

Both are very speculative and IMO, for disposable capitol only, JMHO.

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4/26/2004 5:19:49 AM

thanks for the feedback Zuber. Really appreciated. You spoke of volume on these 2 . The last time CRPPE went up, 2-23-04, it was on 78k vol. first day up and 96k the day before and in next 7 days it went through the roof, can you see it doing the same thing this time, or do you see it for a shorter term trade?

StockFetcher Forums · General Discussion · Mr. Zuber! and other geniuses out there , opinions please! 2 stocks.<< >>Post Follow-up

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