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11/24/2002 7:53:23 PM


I just signed up a day ago and I must compliment you on your site! Great Job, keep expanding your toolset and you will have a long term customer!

Now for my question, is it possible to use simple formulas? For example:

"Show stock where the Bollinger Difference(20) is 2 times greater than the close"

In the example above I want to query for stocks based on their bollinger band difference being 2x greater than the close price. Other simple formulas such as subtracting on indicator value from another or finding a percentage with a simple formula would be excellent.

I apologize if I just haven't found the syntax yet but hopefully this can be with the current query language.

I look forward to your response.

Thanks again for a GREAT site.


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11/24/2002 8:51:10 PM


Thanks for the feedback and comments on StockFetcher. First, the bollinger width is computed as a percent of the median bollinger line (or moving average), the filter below would find stocks that are wider than the price price of the stock:

Fetcher[show stocks where bollinger difference(20) is above 1.0 and draw bollinger(20)]

This example would show stocks where the bollinger difference is 2x the value of the stock

Fetcher[show stocks where the bollinger difference(20) is above 2.0 and draw bollinger(20)]

Finally, we have just started adding some very simple arithmetic operations. These are still in the test stage, so not all cases are handled correctly (and we do not handle nesting at the moment.) Below are some examples:

Fetcher[show stocks where close divided by close 1 month ago is above 1.5]

Fetcher[show stocks where high minus close is less than .01]

Hopefully the above helps, if you have any additional questions, suggestions or comments, don't hesitate to post them!

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