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5/7/2010 4:29:28 PM

This only tells us small traders that we are so vulnerable to the big boys actions. The only way to play our markets with safety is straddle the market. If you play with equities, try playing the short fund(s), play gold, play bonds, run shorts, and if you are knowledgeable enough with puts and calls do them too. I don't mean to run with all of them but if you balance your holdings between equities and one or two of the others that will counter balance yourself if equities tank, I think you will have a soft landing. Times are crazy now and if you don't want to play with equities then cash accts, bonds, and cd's are the safest place to be until some type of regulation will prevent what had happened yeserday in happening again. Happy investing fellow forum members.

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5/7/2010 5:06:44 PM

What are the fastest moving ETFs representing the the market on the long and the short side?

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5/7/2010 6:59:09 PM

Three yrs. ago ... before "the crash" ... EEV and FXP were the best!
They gave great returns, but lots of whipsaws.

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5/10/2010 1:57:29 AM

With nothing safe guarding stock traders / investors no wonder why everyone is skittish these days. With no reliabile assurances that this won't happen again it has to hurt the investing institutions, the brokerage houses, financial internet sites such as this one, and indidual trader / investors out there. Just when everyone was beginning to loosen up and feel better about putting money on equities again we then have this catastrophy happen. People only have so much savings to play with and if they keep losing it due to special circumstances beyond their and others control you will see a vast majority leave equities and either do annuities, money markets, or cd's. That old line fits here, Cash is King. Go with that and wait until something concrete is figured out. A good analogy to this is, you don't hire an electrician to wire your house if he can't guarantee your house won't catch on fire due to his work he did.

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