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1/9/2004 10:47:44 PM

Just signed up. Would love to hear what works best. I don't want to spend a lot of time just learning this program with a lot of wrong turns. Does anybody have any beginning suggestions?


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1/10/2004 12:44:38 AM


Yes, read, read, read every SF post from the very beginning, that's what I did when I first joined and it gave me a headstart and I learned a lot of new strategies.

Happy to have you aboard,


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1/10/2004 3:14:48 AM

Hi Dan ...I just joined too and can't agree more about the importance you place on time and direction. If you e-mail me in a week and i'll send whatever i have discovered by then from my records. (i have to keep them anyway, and besides, the commitment will only make them more genuine and readable.)

My goal is to formulate some proper approaches and of course get them into the programming correctly. (which sounds like more than one problem) If we post what we 'both feel' are the good things here, and colaborate, others can come around and probably help out a lot. (At least we'll have offered something that might be build on)

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1/10/2004 9:28:29 AM

I agree Dan

Read, backtest, it's all here!

No one filter is the END ALL, BE ALL! If anyone tell's you differently, then I know someone who has some land way outside of Tucson that you mite be interested in

Many times, when your bottom fishing, it's hard to find bottom. By looking at the many filters on this board, you'll be taking the first step, DISCIPLINE, dealing as an active trader in the market

Good Tradin'


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