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4/22/2010 2:42:29 PM

Why don't names export to CSV like symbols? Is there an insert column phrase to make it do that?

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4/2/2018 5:43:30 AM

I was looking for this also. Did you find any solutions? Any new ideas? Also, really wanted to export a list of all optionable stocks to google sheets, but there's a limit so I have to do the list and limit it to 200 at a time... I'm using market cap to judge liquidity... Any other ideas?

Thank you!

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4/2/2018 9:37:37 AM

Send a message to StockFetcher.

Find the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

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4/2/2018 7:07:17 PM


In my nightly filter results email from Stockfetcher I get an HTML listing of filter results that can go up to a maximum of 1,000 symbols per email.

Each symbol is followed by a dash and the symbol/stock name and the filter column data.

If I select all rows of all data and copy and paste to an Excel spreadsheet the symbol, the dash and the names, and all the data shows up in the spreadsheet.

However, the symbol, dash and name are all one column so you would have to take an additional step or 2 to get the symbol and name in different columns if you wanted them positioned that way.

Hope this helps,
Ed S.

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