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8/14/2012 4:46:09 PM

I have searched SF extensively to find a filter than produces stocks that would match the following criteria but to no avail.

weekly chart display
stocks have been in a tight channel for a MINIMUM of 5 weeks
average range per week is at least 10 percent of the value of the stock
and the volume has to be tradable so at least 100000k ( no bid/ask issues )
and price is above 1
stock is at or near the top or the bottom of the weekly channel.( This may require 2 different filters? )
I would like to be able to run the filter on any day of the week and get current data and not have it default to the previous week (if that makes any sense)

Seems to me that one could get a decent return just buying or shorting the stock at its extremes.....
There are some filters close to what I am looking for such as the canned filters and TRO has a few good stat scans but not exactly what I am looking for. Any and all help would be appreciated. And thanks to all those that I continue to learn from on this site.

An example would be stock xyz trading between $2 and $2.50 each week for the last xxx weeks. The xyz stock is currently trading at $2.02. Average daily volume is 175000.

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8/14/2012 10:55:06 PM

maybe something like this will help you get started

Price trading in a 5 week channel
and price near bottom of 5 week channel
and price > 1
and weekly ATR(5) > 5%
add column weekly ATR(5)

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8/15/2012 1:31:01 AM

Thanks Duke for the response. I changed display to weekly charts and not quite what I was hoping for. The weekly bars should be about the same length and the same range. Also, was hoping to scan for a higher number of stocks that trade between 1 and 5 dollars. Any suggestions

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8/28/2012 10:12:22 AM

A good example would be CVO on a weekly chart. Up until recently, You could pick a bottom based on previous weeks and you knew where to sell at resistance also based on previous weeks. CVO doesn't have much range but that is what I am attempting to accomplish with this filter. Any suggestions????

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8/29/2012 8:23:33 PM

Maybe TRO can give it a shot???

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