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1/27/2012 2:07:04 AM

I like it and like the examples.

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Ignore BarTune1
1/27/2012 7:11:10 AM

I like the old view .... it was larger .... it takes more time now to toggle through my filters and I cant see as many at once .... we should have the option to go back to the "classic" or older view

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1/27/2012 9:48:24 AM

I'm with you BarTune...this new format has some time saving features...mostly just typing shortcuts...but it's so hard to see. Little tiny thin letters, and I'm on a 22" HD least embolden the lettering or better yet ...the option to use the old format as suggested by BT. Please SF don't go FaceBook on us............IF IT AIN"T BROKE............

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1/27/2012 12:31:13 PM

yeah, this really sucks, I am working with a much smaller screen ... notebook when travelling

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1/27/2012 12:51:10 PM

Thank you for the great feedback on the new interface! Please let us know any additional issues/suggestions you have for this feature.

@BarTune1: If possible can you send a screenshot of the display issues you are experiencing? Additionally, do you know the resolution of your laptop that is causing the display issues? Please feel free to send any screenshots or further details to Support

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Ignore heypa
1/27/2012 2:10:13 PM

Way too small to easily read. Not a good change.

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1/27/2012 3:32:08 PM

I have my Macbook 13" screen set to 1280 X 800 . Looks great on mine. I also like the examples part like the 200% Spike in Volume. I then lower it down to 100% and 50% volume spikes in different filters in different price ranges.

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1/27/2012 3:44:18 PM

The one thing I DON"T LIKE is now when I go to clear the filter it takes 2 clicks instead of the 1. Not an improvement.

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1/27/2012 3:49:50 PM

Hi -

We have made a couple changes that might help with the display issues you mention.

  1. We have added a "Compact View" toggle that allows you to switch your "My Filters" view to a more compact version that displays more filters and counts.

  2. We are not truncating the name of the saved filter.

  3. Finally, we have introduced a "Font Size" option for your filter text area.

Please let us know if any of these changes help, or if you run into any other issues.

Thank you! Support

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1/27/2012 3:58:43 PM

@scvidar: Thanks for bringing that to our attention. We've updated the interface with a more direct clear button. Support

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