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10/4/2005 3:46:39 PM

I am so glad I found Stock Fetcher. Now I just ahve to understand what I am doing.

Which do you suggest web or desktop fetcher?

What filter do you use for scanning stocks? Looking for buy and sell points.

Would it be good for someone young that is just getting into online trading that is a very fast learner?

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10/4/2005 8:18:47 PM

I am sure a lot of people will offer to help you. But what I did when I first joined SF was go to message #1 and read them all, took about a week but it will bring you up to speed real fast.


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10/5/2005 7:21:28 PM


I too believe that SF is a very powerful tool. We have all been in your shoes wondering where to start at one time or another. Fortunately there have been a lot of pioneers before you that have done a lot of the grunt work to make this an easier process.

Rumpled is right there is some great knowledge to be found throughout the forum.

I think a better place to start is the StockFetcher manual and then as a reference you can use: I say this because before forum will make sense you should at least have a passing knowledge of the commands.

My last thought is gloss over the filters with “set” in them. The “set” command has some serious limitation (like nesting limits) that may only serve to confuse you at this point. Also the “set” command is not very well supported in the syntax checker.

My dig on the syntax checker:
I guess that is why the syntax checker has been in “BETA” for over a year. Will everything be BETA for now on or will something actually become released at some point?

This seems to be a trend in web based applications. The mentality appears to be “Just call it beta so if someone (everyone) complains you still won’t have to fix it”.

-- Chris

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