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11/11/2010 11:38:19 AM

Is there any way to establish your own start day for OBV?

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11/11/2010 2:15:49 PM

I do not think this is what you want but still interesting.

close > 1
add column obv and draw obv
add column obv (3) and draw obv (3)
add column obv (15) and draw obv (15)

See ya

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11/11/2010 10:47:57 PM

Buy below z or sell above x.
Edit as needed.

set{SDU,OBV(1) + SD}
set{SDD,OBV(1) - SD}

/*Linear Regression: y = mx + b*/

/*Median Channel*/
set{mSD, 30 day slope of OBV(1)}
set{mx, 30 * mSD}
set{b2, sum(OBV(1),30)}
set{bx, mSD * 915}
set{b1, b2 - bx}
set{b, b1 / 30}
set{y, mx + b}

/*Upper Channel*/
set{mSDU, 30 day slope of SDU}
set{my, 30 * mSDU}
set{b2a, sum(SDU,30)}
set{bx1, mSDU * 915}
set{b1a, b2a - bx1}
set{ba, b1a / 30}
set{x, my + ba}

/*Lower Channel*/
set{mSDD, 30 day slope of SDD}
set{mz, 30 * mSDD}
set{b2b, sum(SDD,30)}
set{bx2, mSDD * 915}
set{b1b, b2b - bx2}
set{bb, b1b / 30}
set{z, mz + bb}

draw 30 day slope of OBV(1)
draw 30 day slope of SDU on plot OBV(1)
draw 30 day slope of SDD on plot OBV(1)

do not draw SDU
do not draw SDD
do not draw z

OBV(1) below z
price above 5
volume above 1000000
add column separator
add column OBV(1)
add column separator
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11/20/2010 3:37:14 PM

Hi Straken:

New to this site. Is there a way to communicate directly outside of the forum. Email maybe? I have a question and a sugestion but I can get past the SF interface to communicate directly or attache a chart to the question.

Really like your filter.

Thanks Michael
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11/20/2010 11:34:02 PM


email address is SF NickName. Michael

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11/21/2010 11:09:32 AM


What do you mean when you say

Buy below z or sell above x.


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11/21/2010 1:26:22 PM

Z is the lower 30 day LR channel and X is the upper 30 day LR channel.

This filter is a sectional out of a very long filter that i reworked for the original thread poster as a starting place. The filter is generic and includes no weighing indicators or oscillators either leading nor trailing. You need to add any additional indicators for your particular trading style. The filter will not yield very good results on volatile stocks but performs well for stocks trending or beginning a new OBV trend. For longer time envelopes than a 30 day cyclical, change the std dev amount and time period and normalize the volatility for best results.

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