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9/24/2003 2:17:31 PM

Not by day or week without a subpoena. However you can get it by month here: Use monthly Share Volume Report in bottom right blue box.

Liz Heese
Nasdaq Transaction Services

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From: Avery
Sent: Friday, September 19, 2003 9:50 PM
To: OTCBB Feedback
Subject: Volume by Market Maker

Is it possible to get a report listing the volume by Market Maker per day on a stock?

I would like to see the volume NITE moved in NEOM for the week of September 15, 2003.

I believe there have been some violations.

Thanking You in Advance

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10/3/2003 2:10:52 PM

Maybe you are catching onto the fact that OTCBB stocks are subject to little regulation and practically no reporting requirements. OTCBB stocks should all have a sign on them "buyer beware". You are much safer sticking to NASDAQ or other listed stocks. I realize they can be tempting when you see big moves on them, but remember that those moves may very well be due to market makers and others just trying to get your money. It's very easy for people to manipulate those stocks. I check the exchange first of any stock that comes up on a screen, and if it is OTCBB, I just drop it and look for the next one in the screen. Filters, screens, chart action, are all meaningless for OTCBB stocks.
Bob W.

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10/3/2003 8:34:53 PM

'Jokes for Gore'
It is important to make jokes about leaders. A joke is a form of direct personal relationship. The mistake of President Bush was to appoint Dan Qayle as vice-president, because all the jokes about President Bush ceased immediately as Dan Qayle drew all the jokes. The result was that when President Bush was on an extremely high rating after the Gulf War - he still lost the election.

I have met President Bush on two occasions and if his son George W. Bush is anything like his father then I think he would make a splendid president. At the same time I think Al Gore is underrated.

In order to help the election chances of Al Gore I am proposing to start - on this site - a 'jokes for Gore' project. The rules are as follows:

The jokes must be about Al Gore.
My judgement of the jokes is final - there is no appeal. I would favour jokes that are funny but not nasty or negative. The humour element is very important.
I shall pay $50 for every joke that I deem suitable. You may take this in cash or in the equivalent of goods from this site. Depending on the country in which you live there may be some delay in getting payment to you.
Copyright in the jokes will remain with the author or submitter. Any joke submitted must be capable of being published on this site. That is the responsibility of the submitter.
The best jokes will be published on the site. Some jokes will be published each week. The full selection may be published some time in the future. Each joke published will receive $50.
The cut-off point is 200 jokes that I consider suitable. The cut-off point may be brought forward and the project may be terminated at any time if I so wish. The cut-off point may also be extended if I so wish.
Jokes should be sent by e-mail to subject = 'Al Gore'.

Edward de Bono
19th July 1999

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