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12/30/2011 6:54:23 PM

California Hospital Free and Discount Payment Programs

If you are uninsured or have high healthcare costs, you may be eligible for free or discounted hospital care. This website will help you compare the eligibility requirements of different hospitals, so you can find out if you qualify for free or discounted care at a hospital near you.

California law (Assembly Bill 774, The Hospital Fair Pricing Act of 2006) requires every hospital to offer reduced rates to uninsured and underinsured patients that may have low or moderate income, and to provide policies that clearly state the qualifications for free care and discounted payments.
With some exceptions, you could qualify for free or discounted care if:

Your income is below 350% of the Federal Poverty Level
(currently about $38,115 per year for one person or about $78,225 per year for a family of four)

You do not have health insurance of any kind, or you have health insurance or coverage, but your medical costs are more than 10% of your family’s income in the last year.

Some hospitals offer discounts to people with incomes higher than 350% of the Federal Poverty Level. You may still qualify for discounted pricing even if your income is higher than the maximum income level listed in the hospital's policy. Contact the hospital to determine if a discount is available.

Please note that rural hospitals may set eligibility standards below 350% of the Federal Poverty Level. It is important to read the hospital's policy and application to determine whether or not you qualify for the program.

The Federal Poverty Level (also known as the Federal Poverty Guidelines) is issued annually by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services. The poverty guidelines are generally used for administrative purposes, such as determining financial eligibility for certain government programs.

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1/1/2012 2:22:00 PM

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1/1/2012 3:05:33 PM

Building on Eman's point, I find it very interesting that some prognisticators have very bullish attitudes. I have a high respect for the Najarians but one of them (Jon, I think) has high hopes for 2012. There are other good ones who feel the same way.

This puzzles me because nothing has been fixed. During the very long period before the US ran out of money, I understand why these folks could have been bullish. Now, I scratch my head and wonder if these folks really understand what's going on...but how could they not understand what's going on?

Perhaps these prognisticators are predicting bull moves in a bear market? How can sustained prosperity and a real bull market result from the current economic mess?

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1/1/2012 4:14:45 PM

Remember Jon and Pete are traders. They follow volume and really at the end of the day really are not the folks I would rely on for macro analysis.

And of course everyone on TV is there to get a paycheck. :)

In essence no one knows what the market will do this year.

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1/1/2012 7:18:57 PM

i'd like to see China and Japan on this graph...

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1/1/2012 7:39:02 PM

no one bitched much the W the idiot ran the debt up $5 trillion to $10 trillion from 2000 to 2008. Now Obozo has has run it up to $15 in less than 3 year. I blame every President that signed every spending bill that every Congress ever sent every President. BOTH PARTIES ARE TO BLAME IMHO!

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1/1/2012 11:39:46 PM


Richard (Rick) Mills
Richard is host of aheadoftheherd

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws."

"The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests."

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1/2/2012 5:17:04 PM

Happy New Year!

I decided to start posting my own videos:

Hope you like and will subscribe.

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1/2/2012 5:58:47 PM

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1/9/2012 7:39:02 PM

Saw this on Facebook:

I was RAISED; I didn't just grow up. I was taught to say "please" & "thank you"... to have respect for my elders... to get up off my lazy behind and let the elder in the room have my chair...say "yes sir" and "no sir"... lend a helping hand to those in need...hold the door for the person behind me...say excuse me when it's needed, & to love people for who they are, not for what you can get from them! I was also taught to treat people the way I want to be treated! If you were raised this way too, re-post this. What happened to teaching respect and common courtesy?!?!

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