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11/5/2007 6:46:15 PM

I was just curious if anyone is testing this scan?


Money bags(13th Floor) where are you?

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11/5/2007 9:26:10 PM

I have to say pennies are still crap.

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11/6/2007 7:44:33 PM


Well I guess Im on my own!

see you guys later!

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11/11/2007 3:49:57 PM

JR is CCYG on your radar?

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Notice how it made a new low but weekly rsi(2) is increasing along with both rsi(14) and weekly rsi(14) are increasing. I dunno, what u think? I don't have ma(9) and ma(18) plotted. See what you think.

Good trading...

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11/12/2007 1:22:20 PM

PTSEF poped up on my scan...looks quite nice.

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11/13/2007 6:41:40 PM

CCYG not a lot of volume, but, here is what I think!

Buy over 6.11

Stop at 5.50

your guess is as good as mine!

I have noticed that I am always a little late, so I have reconfigured the scan! we will see!

Watch MVBY

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11/18/2007 9:13:02 PM


Looks good!

Good find, low volume but some do that and rocket up

Post more of them!

The EMA(18) is lined up nicely in the appropriate direction now, watch it if you are in it, I think it is going to go now!


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11/19/2007 8:04:29 PM

@ jrbikes

Thought I'd chime in here as I've been enjoying your "Penny Posts" recently...Admittedly, while they may be a "crap" shoot, IMO, that's half the fun :) In the spirit of "paying it forward", I did a little DD on CCYG...

It goes without saying Biotech can be dicey and Stem Cell research even more so, but I think their recently awarded patent (11/9/07) shows some potential...

Per the Patent announcement:

"Using this now-patented technology, exclusively licensed to CellCyte from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the company is developing stem cell enabling therapeutic products designed to allow more efficient delivery and significantly increased retention of adult stem cells to diseased and other target organs, such as the heart. Dr. Ronald Berninger, Chief Scientific Officer of CellCyte Genetics explains, “The goal of CellCyte’s stem cell targeting/retention therapies is to enhance the number of cells available for regeneration of damaged tissue, and thereby markedly increase opportunities for healing and restoring organ function. The company’s first product in development, CCG-TH30, is designed to target autologous bone-marrow-derived (adult) stem cells to the heart of patients after a heart attack.”

“In preclinical models, CCG-TH30 has been shown to increase the retention of stem cells up to as much as 77% in pre-clinical models as compared to conventional methods, which achieve only up to about 6%.”, Berninger states. “Importantly, CellCyte’s product candidate, along with stem cells, can both be delivered intravenously through a patient’s circulatory system without an invasive procedure.”

77% vs. 6% and intravenous delivery...Hmmmm...

More info:

Here's the latest 10Q (11/14/07) and Financials courtesy of Yahoo!:

As for TA, from where I'm sitting, it looks like there might be some resistance overhead around $ 6.60 and support around $ 6.00...FWIW, I think there's enough gas in the tank to take a poke at the resistance, then back off, regroup and push through with most likely another news release fueling another volume surge...

As for the low volume issue, take a look at TTEG...the low volume didn't seem to be an issue (.36 to 1.60 in a couple of months with AvgVol(90) = 60K)...FYI, it's currently basing and getting ready to go again :)

HTH...Thanks for sharing...


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11/20/2007 7:22:09 PM

could it be? a new penny friend!

When ever you feel like exchanging ideas, you just go right on ahead and post em, Buddy!



I put the charts on the floor and my dog stepped on FKLT,so its a go!

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11/22/2007 12:38:17 AM

@ jrbikes...hopefully any potential new friendship is worth more than a penny ;) Thanks for the invitation to join in...

FWIW, here's my TA take on your latest Penny Picks...

HMIT: currently hemmed in between the 20sma and the looks like it needs to do more consolidating with the 50sma holding up as support...It'll probably retest .0125 - .015 to flush out the weak hands...


GLE: Nice pick...I've been watching this myself after the first pop back in late September...I guess great minds think alike :)

Anywho, similar scenario as HMIT, between the 20sma and the's basing nicely and will possibly retest the .21 - .22 area before working the next leg up to meet the 200sma around .40


GSML: 50sma currently holding but, look for the 200sma to be retested around .14 - .16 and possibly dipping to .12...


FKLT: Give that dog a bone ;) This looks to me like a nice steady climber...definitely worth a few pennies, but I'm just gonna watch for now as it looks oversold with a probable retest of the .025 - .03 area coming up...


Thanks again for sharing...Maybe next time I'll throw a few out'd be interesting to see which one your dog might stand on :)

A Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving to all SF'ers...

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