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8/21/2009 12:03:52 PM

HOW did the TARP money help the U.S. economy?
I realize the money helped pump up G/S, the banks and the overall market. That's great!
But HOW did it help the US economy?
How did it help the people who lost their jobs? and ... the people who've lost their homes ... the people who can't buy homes.
Is there a such thing as a jobless recovery??? .. when 16% of Americans are on unemployment and foodstamps???
Retail sales are down, but the market is up.So, is this a "new" kind of recovery. People are hoarding their money instead of spending it, ... so we're "in recovery"????

I don't understand what's going on.

(But thanks to M4M, I realize, if you're trading, none of the above matters. Gotta go with the flow .. right? But I'm still confused.)

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8/22/2009 2:01:13 AM

It's different this time.

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8/22/2009 8:46:24 AM


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8/22/2009 4:54:05 PM

Check out Gerald Celente take on it.

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8/23/2009 9:08:48 PM

Nice link and interview. The US has been an oligarchy for a long time. Our financial system is based on crony capitalism. Sort of mind boggling to see the robbing of the American working class by the banksters being carried out so transparently. The fact that no one did anything to stop it shows clearly that it's impossible to stop it. The Federal government's mission is to protect the wealthy no matter what burden is placed on the taxpayer.

Obama is just as tight with the GS group as the Bushies were. There's been no change, just business as usual. It's simply a continuation of the 1% of the country that controls 50% of the wealth getting what they want and need. This is nothing new. If I was in the top 1%, I'd probably be doing the same thing. Read a few books, such as "Wealth in America", by Kevin Phillips. The information is all out there. Most people just don't want to know.

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8/23/2009 10:54:21 PM

less than 1% control 90% of the wealth.......

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