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7/27/2007 1:25:29 AM

Anybody else use and having problems with the real time data suddenly not being real time? It's happen twice to me this week. I trade using Scottrade, and of course, their charts are not adequate. I've been using for a couple of years with no problems until recently. Is there a more reliable real time quote/chart service? thanks...

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7/27/2007 8:58:24 AM

Their option prices and volume info. were screwed up bigtime yesterday.
I didn't bother calling PNet support ... not worth the bother.

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7/27/2007 8:59:41 AM

Just to give PNet the benefit of the doubt, ...
I must admit, yesterday was the first time that had ever happened to me. And I've had their service for years.

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7/27/2007 9:20:26 AM

I recommend that you look into QuoteTracker, which allows you to link the datafeed from both and Scottrade. What this means is that should one fail like in the case of Prophet (Prophet sent me an email blaming that it was the fault of their data provider, whatever that means) you can easily link to the other to fill the gap. You can also use two at the same time, should you wish. Currently I'm running feeds from both Interactive Brokers and Prophet with Ameritrade as a backup.

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