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12/22/2008 10:09:00 PM

Where do they originate? Do you pay any attention to them or dismiss them?

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12/23/2008 3:53:24 AM

Alf,you first.

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12/23/2008 1:47:59 PM

I heard old men used them (Pumps) before Viagra and then a few shy, nerdy kids who wanted to compensate. Never used, but if you get considerable "growth", go for it.

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12/23/2008 2:46:40 PM

That's not my bag baby

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12/23/2008 4:01:08 PM

We use them on the farm to get water from the well (O:

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12/23/2008 11:36:51 PM

Beacon research,doubling stocks,Lion etc.
Heck SHORT the crap out of them,do NOT drink the koolaid and go long...that's free $$$ on red of the latest Beacon one's,VTEX at .70 is now .018 and was shortable on IB.
I have pump watches setup from 15 different pump emails.
VTEX has made my christmas..thanks Beacon!

Great holidays to all

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12/24/2008 9:29:10 PM

13th: like to know what are the etcs, ive heard of Beacon and Lion, I never get the pump emails and would like to start. Googling for pumps and hype don't give much, after all pumps are illegal!

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