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11/30/2007 11:59:27 AM

I'm fairly new to trading and new to this Blog, I was assuming that this was a place to get opinions of trading methods, tools (software), products, etc, that people use. Yet when I posted a question recently about a product I get not response. ? Am I breaking some rule about asking about products or it it just that no one has an opinion.

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11/30/2007 12:27:01 PM

Everyone here is a StockFetcher user.
If you have a SF question, everyone here is more than happy to help you.
My guess is, maybe no one here has used that website you mentioned.
I didn't look at it 'cause I'm on overload.
Good luck to ya'!

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11/30/2007 12:27:37 PM

I have been on here for a few months and the only rule I have found is that you can't tell jokes that are too dirty.

It is likely that nobody had any information or opinions on what you were asking about. To be honest, there isn't a lot of activity on these forum threads. Sometimes a hot subject will come up and people will bat comments back and forth for a few days, but it is relatively short-lived.

With that said, let me tell you that the banter that does go on is usually of very high quality and if you pay close attention, can make you serious money. Or, if you are female and looking for a market-minded boyfriend, it can make you very lucky!

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11/30/2007 12:30:22 PM

Thank you for the reply and I hope to learn a great deal from the posts.
Thanks Bevil1

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