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2/18/2008 6:58:11 PM

I normally only swing trade off the daily charts but have been trying to fine tune my entries off intraday charts. Specifically the 60 minute bars. I check the streaming charts from two different brokers I am using and strange things are happening with the 60 minute bars. Either they don't update on the hour or the actual o,h,l,c of the bars (especially the first couple of hours) seem to change. Does anyone else run into this? Is this because my brokers use crappy data feeds and/or charting software? When are the hourly bars supposed to print? Many thanks in advance.


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2/18/2008 8:15:48 PM

hi max,
i use the 5 minute charts with ameritrade streaming charts and i notice that 1 minute into the new bar, that the previous bar updates, i don't know why it takes that long.

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2/19/2008 12:54:08 AM


Despite all the hooplas (read as crap in disguise) involving the 60-minute chart, the 30-minute chart is much better in my opinion. Zooming in from the daily chart down to the 30-minute chart usually works wonders, or so methinks.

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2/19/2008 4:59:41 AM

Charts that are longer term are dominant over shorter term charts.
For instance, if you have a Daily Chart that is in a distribution phase then the Hourly, Half Hour and 5 minute Charts accumulation phases will be shorter in duration and lower in amplitude, while their distribution phases will be longer in duration and higher in amplitude.
The chart will remain in a downtrend until some Daily Chart support level is tested, typically that would be a moving average, a supporting trendline, or less frequently, a previous cycle top or bottom, IMO.

Maxreturn, that sounds really bizzarre. And as you know, any decent chart should not change the bar or candlestick after the close of the period when a new bar or candlestick has begun. That basically makes the chart unreliable and pretty much unusable and you should tell your broker. Maybe hook up wi th the tech asst dept. and find out whats going on.
Hourly bars should print and remain unchanged at exactly the top of the hour to the second.
There are two situations that I can think of that might cause the problem you are experiencing.
One is a mis-set computer clock.
The other is congestion of available bandwidth. That is to say, if you are running too much data for the available bandwidth your feed will lag real time. But I would think that would likely delay the bars formation and not cause a change in a previous bar after a new one has begun.
Maybe try running fewer applicatioons and see if it still occurs.

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2/19/2008 7:01:32 AM

Max, try running your feed through quotetracker and check the variances (if any) side by side. Check the effects of "re-draw" or "refresh" on each system's chart.

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2/19/2008 12:37:03 PM

Thanks guys. Luc and Zub...I noticed that the problems occur when at the top of the hour the bar doesn't I hit the refresh button (even though these are real time streaming charts). That's when the bar finally prints and the previous bars get distorted sometimes large gaps between a previous bar's close and the open of the next bar. very strange. Up until now I've been using the free data feed offered through my broker. I would be happy to pay for a data feed if I knew the charts would update as they should. Any suggestions on a decent feed at a decent cost? Thanks.


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