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10/15/2006 2:39:52 AM

as214 -

Thanks man. And that was a fine job on calling out TEX ahead of time. I'm not much for "value" trading....but certainly, it has it's place in the market. No dought about it.....and again, nice work!


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10/15/2006 8:16:43 AM

Yes, you were right oh great one, but I did not miss the boat. It's fun to try and predict the market, but in the end you have to just let the market do what it wants, and follow along. I've enjoyed the recent ride. And if it turns, I'll turn with it. Keep up the good posts. They provide entertainment value, at least. :)

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10/20/2006 3:24:29 PM

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I almost forgot about this thread....NOT! Boy, looks like I was right all along about the previous RMBS posts. LOL....but "I'm" not surprised! Anyway....forget about RMBS. I'm here to back up my prediction in this thread about the next "Bull Market"

Sometime next week 6/26/ to 6/30, you will see prices slide on both the NASDAQ and S&P 500. It will create a "Double Bottom" on both! But the MACD Histogram will make yet a third higher bottom! That will create one of the single most "Bullish Divergence" signals in all of Technical Analysis. When the MACD-H ticks up, start going long on EVERYTHING! By then, that idiot Fed Chairman will be nothing but a voiceless shadow, and companies will begin to buy back shares, Crude Oil will start to rise again, making the Oil companies attractive for their usual summer season, Electric Utilities will start raking in the bucks from higher summer utility prices, and retailers will resume same store sales from those Hot little summer teenage girls, with nothin' better to do, than spend Daddy's hard earned $Money$ all summer long! All this because of that "little indicator that could"......the "MACD Triple Bullish Divergence." My gift, and vision to all SF members! See ya at the pumps!



I don't think "Nostradamus" himself could have predicted all of this within just a couple of days. lol.....Talk about a BULLSEYE!!!

Here they are again....

1. The Market "Double Bottom."
2. Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke BECAME "A voiceless shaddow!"
3. All the blue chip stocks began buying back shares
4. Take a look at "Crude Oil."
5. Look at the dates on all the big Utility Company's. Then look at my prediction! "BULLSEYE!!!
6. Now look at the charts of all your top retailers. It's not even Christmas yet! lol.....
7. MACD "Triple Bullish Divergence." (Turned on 7/19/06)

As you can now clearly see, there is NOT a better market indicator than the MACD "Triple Bullish Divergence."

I'll let ya know way ahead of time when the market starts to fall. SOME of you will NEED this info. you know who you


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