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2/1/2021 3:30:04 PM

I can remember at least 30 years ago my father subscribed to a newsletter by Jay Saxena.
I marveled how this man who hit 4 bagger after 4 bagger.
The newsletter came monthly, and contained a portfolio of about 20 stocks.
I would often glance at it, and observe when the initial commitment was made.
So I tried to re-engineer the system he was using.
It seemed to me at the time, he mostly played nasdaq stocks.
What I came up with was a monthly filter that seemed seamless with his initial entries.
I would use Bigcharts at the time. Set the parameters for monthly viewing.
The only T/A I used was macd viewed over a monthly graph.
What I noticed was the stocks were starting an ascent on heavy volume which also corresponded
to the macd crossover on a monthly view.
Back then, TA was not as savvy as it is today.
I played the stocks I could find simply by entering as many symbols as I could into Bigcharts until I found what I was looking for,
I can remember some plays were ESOL, COHR, OVTI to name a few.
I had decent success with this system, but it was very cumbersome and time consuming.
Is it possible to write this filter in SF?

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2/1/2021 6:28:27 PM

SF can't do monthly, only weekly or daily. Here is a weekly template based on your post to get you started.

market nasdaq
MACD Histogram(12,26,9) crossed above 0
volume 1 week ago reached a new 1 month high
volume reached a new 1 month high

chart display weekly
chart-time 1 year

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