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12/11/2006 8:58:17 AM

no backtesting hogwash here...LOl

What about real results? Anyone do this full-time? Anyone make 100%+ this year? I was on course to do this earlier on but had a poor September/October. But finishing strong with ICE and GROW. Funny year. 4 months were excellent. then 4 months nothing. Then 2 months of losing. And finishing nicely. Typical year I suppose...

Unless you are W.W. who makes 10000% every year LOL :-)

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12/11/2006 7:36:22 PM

I wonder being new pliease forgive my ignorance, but I wonder if you are the same Mark Crisp who does stress free trading, if you are your 1-2-3 method has taught this newbie a lot. No offense taken, but I wonder would you have learned more by practice or on the run or by practicing. Remember failure is the master teacher, and those that can,t learn from their mistakes on the run have no business being anything other than employees. Due to the fact that if they become owners their business ownership will be very short. But, to prove that rich people do or say stupid things to quote Warren Buffet, (excuse, my spelling) " diversification is for those that are too lezy too think". Tell that to the man in South Florida, who made a 10,000 pallet jack order for Walmart only to have them break contract, and deny the order and told Mr, Small Business owner go ahead and sue us. This happens all the time when small business goes against big business and they usually go out of business, as a result. That said is another business truth which supports all the pundits and guru's statements of, start small, and never invest everthing in one stock. The business rule, no customer should ever be more than 10% of your business, for the exact same reason no stock should be. Seems I heard that 10% before, that also might be the same place all business rules originated from. Don't you love Donalds rules, aren't they so true. You got to love what you do and be emotional about it, and passionate or your burn out. Whoops, broke another golden rule, " don't be emotinal, be displined. Why can't you be both. In this game the market money gets old very easy, as in any game. Having worked with many of the top money players in the business the only truly happy ones are those that are still burning for what they do, and have balanced lives. Displined emotion is best driving factor there is. So, maybe as a newbie, I'm breaking another rule, but then thats probably why I retired this at 46 selling a business I built from scratch, and I mean scratch, to retire 10 years later. But, if you read this and Donald's rules were new thouhts and this is actually Mark crisp of stress free trading then become his employee or the rumpledones employee until Donald's rules become like second nature and your spouting them off to to your friends and family. Sorry for being so long windened again, and thank's S.F.

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12/11/2006 11:45:42 PM

I don't have any employees.

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