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1/7/2013 3:31:48 AM

Can anyone recommend a real-time screening service? It needs to be a bit more flexible than SF (I need to create indicators that use more than simple close price as input), but other than that, should be pretty cheap and simple. I would use only the scanning feature, not backtesting or charting or anything. I've looked around a bit, but just making sure I'm not missing something people here have used and liked.

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1/7/2013 10:54:44 AM

By "real time" I assume you mean intraday. Thinkorswim will do screens/scans on intraday data. Taking that a step further, Trade-Ideas will do intraday scans, except that the scans are running all the time (you don't have to press the Scan button) and will alert you the moment your criteria is met.

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1/7/2013 4:15:27 PM

Thanks. I need it to be very customized, though (taking traditional technical indicators but applying them to calculated values rather than close prices).

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1/8/2013 9:57:19 PM

real-time intraday scans with charts and papertrader. Is a free trial.

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1/9/2013 6:20:39 PM

Look into Has a free trial.

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1/9/2013 8:37:38 PM

NinjaTrader + a purchased data feed. A lot of flexibility/steep learning curve.

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