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10/5/2015 10:59:00 AM

How do you compare all stocks vs the DOW and SP500 and show the one's that outperformed over the last 7 days...
Price > $5



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10/5/2015 11:47:50 AM

Fetcher[set{a, close - close 7 days ago}
set{b, a / close}
set{c, b * 100}

set{d, ind(spy,c)}
set{e, ind(dia,c)}

add column c{alpha}
add column d{spy}
add column e{dow}

c above d

close above 5
s&p 500

sort column 5 descending

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10/5/2015 12:00:50 PM

Sort on chg_vs_dia or chg_vs_spy for high and low relative performers.

Fetcher[set{chkdia, ind(dia, roc(7,1))}
set{chkspy, ind(spy, roc(7,1))}
set{chg, roc(7,1)}
set{chg_vs_dia, chg - chkdia}
set{chg_vs_spy, chg - chkspy}
close > 5
draw chkdia
draw chkspy on plot chkdia
draw chg on plot chkdia
add column chg_vs_dia
add column chg_vs_spy

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10/5/2015 4:57:00 PM

Or just use the Relative Strength() function.

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