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6/16/2015 3:09:18 PM

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On August 1, 2015 StockFetcher will discontinue the Backtesting feature. At that point, the Backtesting functionality, as well as any saved tests, will no longer be available on StockFetcher. If you require raw results from any of your tests prior to that date, please be sure to use the CSV option from the Trades or Equity Summary tabs to download the data.

Additionally, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you,
StockFetcher Support

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6/16/2015 4:02:04 PM

This is BS. They do not want to work hard to improve, instead avoiding it altogether. Now what are we paying them for?

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6/16/2015 5:13:39 PM

Wow!! Whats up with that? any particular reason?

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6/16/2015 5:56:51 PM

You would at least expect them to use it in their advanced subscription level and not just eliminate it altogether. Unless of course their backtesting tool was so inaccurate and unfixable that they HAD to eliminate it. Reasons for this major elimination should be explained to their subscribers. Since they have decided to eliminate this tool you would expect our subscription cost would be reduced as well. What do others think about this?

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6/16/2015 6:01:07 PM

Ok, I got more info on this and due to lack of interest and the cost of supporting this tool they deemed it unwise to continue with it.

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6/16/2015 7:42:55 PM

I don't know if they had done a survey or what have you to show the lack of interest. But I am using this feature almost daily and I suggest to use this thread or a new thread to show if there is an interest on this feature or not.

I am in favor of keeping this feature !

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6/16/2015 10:32:08 PM

Now since SF turns a deaf ear to our hue and cry, anyone with a solution to this? Any other service with good data and better back testing service. I can switch.

I also use Amibroker but some how have issues with data. Applying certain filters on Nasdaq 100 only or SP100 only is a problem for me on that. I am not a techy so looking for something simple and easy to use.

SF was kind of doing the job for me. At least their back test results from 2012 was which I rely on as I used to download all trades every day (from back test) and match them with what I actually got and compared to see where the issue was or was data corrupt or fine etc. I found few minor issues but overall it was fine. Now that help will be gone and not sure how to rely on what the filters tell me. Without back test how do we test new ideas and see if even the filter was coded correctly.

Any one to the rescue????????????

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6/16/2015 11:23:45 PM

I didn't use it any way.
Keep it simple.

Support and Resistance lines
A few EMA or MA if you like

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6/16/2015 11:42:00 PM

It is not a matter of simple or complicated coding but how to know what you have coded worked (survivorship bias and some other stuff not considered here) and has high probability of working when you put your real money onto it.

For me backtest was helpful since 2012 since I downloaded all trades taken by system according to my filters and then compared with what I actually bought. So survivorship bias was kind of taken care of (I would know a stock was taken of list with this).

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6/17/2015 3:14:54 PM

Letís be logical about this for a minute. When new members sign-up to SF I bet they usually spend most of their time in the Filter Exchange forum browsing for ideas. After gathering a few, they will want to backtest these ideas but wonít be able to do so. As a result, SF new client retention rate will drop substantially since learning the SF coding to modify and generate new ideas will now serve very little purpose. This will also discourage current members from posting in the forums since their ideas wonít be able to get backtested which will in turn lower the engagement levels. Members who chose to stay with SF will only do so temporarily until they learn a new language code that will allow them to transport their SF ideas, and backtest them elsewhere at which point SF will become of no value.

As some members have already pointed out. If cost seems to be part of the problem, why not make it available as an add-on feature? I bet some of us would be willing to pay for it. Very few of us can trade through simple obseration of squiggly lines on a chart which to me has become the bottom line. Most of us need to backtest our ideas before putting our hard earned money into practice. If client retention rate is pointless to SF then I would say ignore these messages. But, I really hope SF reconsiders this. Or, perhaps SF has decided to adopt a new business plan and has begun heading in that direction. Which to me it seems to be case.

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